I’m going to the Garment District tomorrow and I get to skip the green line by taking the southern commuter rail.


I saw a man today nonchalantly reading a pornographic novel on the train.


Emergency Stop

So this wasn’t an overheard but this did happen on the fabulous B line the other day coming into Arlington station. Apparently either someone was boarding or exiting the train and they somehow managed to pull the emergency lever. So we were all sitting there confused and the wonderful MBTA conductor came over the loudspeaker saying we had to find it or if not we weren’t going to be able to pull out. Well my boyfriend who is from the midwest and had only been riding the T for a week basically pointed out it was the one in the front by the conductor. Everyone on the train kept looking around and someone even shouted “Oh what do you mean the front?” well long story short the conductor got up and finally pushed it down. I was surprised it even happened, but I guess I shouldn’t be because it was the green line. 


B line inbound, last thursday afternoon

train conductor: WELCOME TO THE TRAIN OF PAIN 



Where is Missouri Again?

Girl 1: My dad’s a southerner, born and raised.

Girl 2: Really?? 

Girl 1: Yeah, I mean, he’s from Missouri.

Girl 2: Wait, I don’t think that’s the South…

Girl 1: Hmm, maybe not..

Girl 2: What is that, the Midwest?

Girl 1: Maybe you’re right.  But he says “y’all.”

Girl 2: Ah, okay. That settles it.

As a Missourian, I had a lot of trouble maintaining my composure. PS, it’s not the South.


He’s Not Too Old

Riding the T home, through BU and I hear, “Oh, like he’s not that old… he’s like 29, and you know 29 is like the new 19, plus like you can go to bars and stuff.” I don’t care if they think 29 is old, but I don’t want to be close to 19 again thank you :)

A bunch of assholey college students

Some 60 year old lady was on the train complaining about all the “asssholey” college students keeping her up all night in Allston. I informed her that she was complaining about college students to other college students, which was really just kind of silly. She said she wasn’t talking to me anyway.